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Memory Game

Learn more about the symbols of Canada’s provinces and territories by making a memory match game with them. How many pairs can you match?

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  • Where can you learn about different symbols (flag, flower, bird, etc) of the different provinces and territories?
  • Do you know what the flag of each province or territory looks like? How can you find out?
  • What do you need for this Adventure?


  • As a small team, colour pictures of symbols to represent each province or territory, like a flag, bird or flower.
  • Draw two of each picture. Use cardstock paper or glue pictures on to construction paper so picture doesn’t show through.
  • Put your pictures face-down on the floor and shuffle them so that you don’t know what picture is on the other side.
  • Take turns turning over one picture and then another.
  • If you make a pair, you can go again. If your pictures do not match, it is the next person’s turn. How many pairs can you match?


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • How many provinces and territories can you name?
  • Which symbol is your favourite? Why?
  • Did you play against each other, or did you work as a team?

Keep it Simple

  • Work together to find each match! Working as a team might help you remember and recognize the symbols a little easier. If that’s too easy, you can always add more symbols to make the team challenge a little more difficult!

Take it Further

  • Instead of having two cards with matching images, have one card with a provincial symbol and the other with the province or territory’s name. Try to match each symbol to the correct province or territory!