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My Happy Place

Imagine a time when you felt really happy. When you felt loved, full of energy, joy, but also peaceful. What does your happy place look like? What does it feel like?

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  1. Lead the Scouts through a Happy Place meditation using the script provided. Be sure to create a comfortable and relaxing environment by dimming the lights and playing relaxing nature sounds.
  2. Ask the group: Have you ever tried meditation or mindfulness? What does nature mean to you, especially in times of stress? How do you feel when you spend time in nature?



  • After the meditation, invite Scouts to share their experiences and reflections with the group. Encourage them to talk about what they saw, felt, and experienced during the meditation, and how it made them feel.
  • What else can we do to make our minds and bodies feel better in times of stress? i.e.: yoga, movement, self-care, etc.
  • Was it hard to stay focused during the meditation?