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YLT-Roses and Thorns

Plan-Do-Review is how we make great Adventures happen in Scouting. Finding fun and creative ways to review can be a challenge – try out this activity and have some fun with your next review!

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  • Is there an Adventure coming up that you can use “Roses and Thorns” to review?
  • When and where will you share this review?
  • Does anyone know another way to do “Roses and Thorns”?


  • As a team or Section, review your Adventure using Roses and Thorns. Each person should share a challenge or something that did not go well (a thorn) and something that was a lot of fun (a rose). It is ok to repeat what another person said as your own thorn or rose. 


  • We don’t usually review a review, but when your Section tries a different way of doing things, it can be a good idea to see if you want to do it again some time.

Keep it Simple

  • Start by having each person share something they enjoyed – it can be hard to think of something that you did not enjoy, or might be scary to share. Once people are comfortable, they can take the chance to share something they learned or something they did not enjoy.

Take it Further

  • Add another element to this activity by sharing rosebuds in addition to roses and thorns. Rosebuds are something that you learned or would like to keep improving.