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Seed Bombing

Have you ever heard of seed bombing? It’s a way to help reintroduce the growth of wildflowers. Seed bombs can help multiply native plant species in your community to spread beauty and create habitats for pollinators.

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  • How will you find out how to make your seed bombs?
  • What supplies will you need for your seed bombs?
  • How can you find out what seeds to put into your seed bombs?
  • Where will you release your seed bombs?


  • Make your seed bombs using materials like potter’s clay and compost and fill them with local seeds—make sure that all of the seeds you’re including already grow naturally in your area and are not considered a weed.
  • Then, find places to release your bombs!


  • What did you find out about seed bombing during this activity?
  • What difference will your flowers make?

Keep it Simple

  • Rather than making seed bombs, find out how to make seed paper. Make some seed paper at a camp or meeting, then plant your seed paper at home in a flowerpot or garden.

Take it Further

  • Why are wildflowers so important for our world? Look into the important role that wildflowers play in our ecosystem and raise awareness to get more people planting! Help create easy ways for people to plant wildflowers in their home gardens (like seed bombs or seed paper).