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What is… a virtual trivia game?

Run a virtual trivia game at a Section meeting.

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  • How will you organize your game?
  • What kinds of questions will you ask?
  • How will your contestants score points?


  • When you’re running virtual Section meetings, you can’t always run the same activities as when you meet in person.
  • As a Section Leadership Team, create a trivia game for the members of your Section and run it through a virtual meeting.
  • You can create a Jeopardy-style game, a game where people submit their answers virtually, or any other game that comes to mind!


  • What worked well in this activity? What did not work as well?
  • If you were to run another trivia game, what would you change?
  • If someone else were running their own trivia game, what tips would you share with them?

Keep it Simple

  • Use an online quiz making software, like Trivia Maker, Kahoot or Buzzfeed, and create a quiz to share with your Section. See who can get the highest score on their first try!

Take it Further

  • Run a day-long tournament for your Section or other Sections you know. Have multiple rounds and a final round for the top scorers from previous rounds. Who will your ultimate trivia champion be?