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Animal Tracks, Observance v Inference

As part of the world, we observe things around us, but we can also infer things that may be correct or may not be. As scientists, we must be open to observe and not put biases onto our experiments.

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  • What is the difference between observation and inference?  
  • How can inference interfere with our observations 
  • Can inferences interfere with our everyday life 
  • Identify some of the biases that you may have. 


Using the What do you see activity sheet, answer the questions.  


  • Were you correct in your inferences?  
  • Could your inferences be dangerous?  
  • In everyday life, where could you make inferences that are wrong e.g., meet a homeless person.  
  • Remember to add your activity to the Take Action Map. 

Keep it Simple

Go to a local park and note down everything that you observed 

Take it Further