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Book Drive

Organize and hold a book drive to donate to a local school in need while learning about education inequality and how it affects people in their community.

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  • When will you hold the book drive? 
  • What do you need to be successful? 
  • How can you reach out to your community? 
  • Who can you contact to find local schools in need? 


  • Reach out to a school or an organization that can connect you with a school that needs books, maybe even the local library 
  • Decide on what kind of books you will accept in your drive (Age? Topic? Condition? Hardback vs. Soft cover?) 
  • Choose a date/dates for your drive to happen 
  • Promote your drive - how will you engage the community to participate? Posters, online ads, etc.) 
  • Give thanks - think of a way you can say thank you to everyone who donated (a thank you card, a thank you video message, etc.) 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • What did you learn about education inequality? 
  • What else can you do to help those who are unable to access tools for education? 
  • How can you continue to support your local community in need? 

Keep it Simple

  • Instead of donating books to a local school, youth can bring in their used books from home and donate them to the local library. 

Take it Further

  • Reach out to an organization that connects with schools and communities around the world to see if you can support them by donating books and other supplies!