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Chuck the Chicken

Cluck cluck! How far can a chicken fly? Using all your strength, chuck the chicken as far as you can while racking up points for your team.

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  • What materials do you need for this game? If you do not have a rubber chicken, what could you use instead?
  • What location will you play this game at?
  • How many people are required for this game?


  • Split participants into two teams. Have them choose a team name.
  • Have one team (Team A) start by throwing the chicken as far from the other team as possible.
  • The other team (Team B) must run to the chicken and form a line, and then pass the chicken down the line going through the legs, over the head, through the legs, over the head, etc. until it reaches the end of the line. Everyone on that team must be in the line and pass the chicken for it to count.
  • While they are doing this, Team A forms a tight clump and has one person from that team run around the clump. The person running the activity counts out loud how many times the runner is able to run around the circle before Team B chucks the chicken. These will be the points scored.
  • Once the rubber chicken has reached the end of Team B's line, everyone on that team yells, “Chuck the Chicken!” and the person at the end throws it as far from Team A as possible. The circle count stops as soon as that happens and now Team A must run to the chicken and form a line, while Team B makes a clump and has someone run around it.
  • This time the activity leader tallies Team B's laps until Team A chucks the chicken. The game naturally continues.
  • Try to end it while kids are still having fun. Add up the points at the end, the team with the most points wins.
  • Make sure to explain it thoroughly before playing it and to do a couple practice rounds.


  • What did you like/not like about this activity? Why?
  • If you could change one thing about this activity, what would it be?
  • What other material could you use to play this game?


  • Rubber chicken or another similar toy (anything that is a little awkward to throw but can still be thrown is good).

Keep it Simple

  • Practice the steps of the game before you play it. Have teams practice getting into a tight circle and having one member run around it and have them practice lining up and passing the chicken over/under/over/under.

Take it Further

  • Add an extra element to this game by using different item, such as large, wet sponge! You will get wet so make sure this is outside and at the right time of the year. Or, instead of only doing over and under down your team line, add extra difficulties, such as spreading the line apart and throwing it from person-to-person instead. If you drop it, you have to start over again!