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Draw What You Hear

What do you think about when you listen to music? Listen to a piece of music and draw what you feel and what you think of as you listen to each piece of music?

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  • What kind of music will you listen to? Music without words works best for this adventure! 
  • What supplies will you need? 
  • Will everyone listen to the same piece of music, or will you break into smaller groups to listen to different pieces of music? 


  • Choose some music to listen to, as you listen to it, draw what it makes you think about! 
  • If you feel comfortable, you can share what you drew with others – did anyone else have a similar drawing to you? 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before? 
  • What was your favourite piece of music? 
  • Did anyone make similar drawings, or were all your drawings different? 

Keep it Simple

Start off by listening to some simple songs with words and drawing what you think of when you hear them – remember, there are no right or wrong answers!

Take it Further

Try to use the music to inspire a short story or series of pictures. Maybe the music makes you think of a bird, so you draw a bird in a nest, an egg hatching and a baby bird leaving the nest. You can draw anything that you can imagine!