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Four Seasons

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! Learn about the science behind the four seasons, and what makes them so unique!

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  • What are the four seasons? 
  • How do the seasons change in different parts of the world? 
  • Why do seasons exist? 
  • What is the importance of having different seasons? 
  • What is your favourite season? Why? 


  • Grab a piece of paper. Draw a picture for each of the seasons, by drawing the different weather and temperatures of the season.  
  • This can be done through symbols, through a scene, or through abstract art.  
  • After this, act out different parts of the seasons in a charade-style game where you have to guess what your fellow youth are trying to say, and they will guess what you are acting out. 


  • How are seasons different around the world? 
  • Are seasons impacted by things like climate change? How are they changing? 
  • What is your favourite season? Why is this your favourite? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • Talk about the season you’re currently in to keep this activity simple. Or, choose 2 seasons to discuss and identify. Another way to keep it simple is to only do one craft, and save the active game for another time. 

Take it Further

  • Identify the science behind why seasons exist can also expand the activity. Extra time? Do a scavenger hunt to find an item that represents a season.  
  • Expand on this activity by including the dates in which the season happens in Canada within your drawings. Track the dates that the seasons start to change in real life and see how close the changes were to the calendar dates you wrote down! How do these dates change in the Southern Hemisphere?