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Gear Swap

As a Section, host a gear swap and let people pass along things they no longer need.

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  • How will you run your gear swap?
  • Who will you invite?
  • Will people be allowed to sell items, or will you only allow them to trade for other items?
  • If you don’t want to do a gear swap, what else could you have people bring? Clothing? Toys?


  • Decide on how your gear swap will run – you can allow people to set prices for their items, or if they will get one ticket per item brought and they can use these tickets to swap for items.
  • Find a location for your swap and choose a date for your swap.
  • Invite members of your Group or community to your swap – don’t forget to let them know how the swap will work.
  • Have everyone bring in gently used items to swap or sell.
  • Run your swap! This could be a great way for youth from younger Sections to get the gear they need for camp!


  • What did you learn while organizing your swap?
  • What was the most challenging part of this adventure?
  • Why should we find new homes for items rather than throw them out?
  • What are some other ways you can reduce the amount of items you send to the landfill?

Keep it Simple

  • You can focus on one specific type of product in order to run an easy Gear Swap.  This could be toys, camping gear, or a skate swap.
  • Instead of purchasing from only those within your section, expand your possibilities by visiting a thrift store with a small budget in order to purchase preowned products.

Take it Further

  • Why not use the same experience in order to fund your next Adventure?  Invite others from your community in order to fundraise.