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YLT-Group Resume

Building a resume can be scary, so instead we will create one for the group! Everyone represents a different array of talent and experiences and sharing these differences will build a unique resume highlighting our fantastic group.

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  • Do you know what a resume is? 
  • Should we discuss why we use a resume, or what the importance is? 
  • Why would it be helpful to create a group resume? 
  • What types of things are we proud of?


  • Start off by talking about the importance of having different personalities and characters in a group and how this can benefit everybody. 
  • Then, spend some time creating a list with everyone’s talents and experiences to create one resume that describes how wonderful the group is! 
  • This resume can be created on many different mediums (i.e., computer, chart paper, classic resume, photos of achievements, etc.).
  • It could be a traditional resume highlighting previous jobs or achievements, or it can simply highlight the skills or badges people have.


  • What did we learn about each other? 
  • What makes our resume unique? 
  • What are some similarities or differences between each other? 
  • Is it helpful to share when discussing our talents, goals, skills, etc.?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map



Writing Utensils

Keep it Simple

Start by sticking to skills or badges achieved. This could be done on a large paper and each person can share their accomplishments by writing them down or drawing a picture that represents their achievements.

For Virtual - This can be simply adapted to a virtual setting where the skills are still shared over an online meeting. Everyone can contribute their ideas and the leader can format these ideas on a screen to share. Using platforms like Google Docs or Google Jam Boards may create for a seamless sharing process.

Take it Further

 For older groups, take it further by creating individual resumes after the group brainstorming and resume has been created. Having thought about strengths, achievements and previous jobs or volunteering experiences, everyone can make their own personal achievement resume.