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Juice Box Ice Blocks

Get creative this winter and create structures or sculptures using ice blocks!

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  • What supplies do you need for this activity? 
  • You will need to freeze your blocks in advance – who will be in charge of doing that? 
  • What containers will you use for your blocks? Small juice boxes work well, but you can get creative and try other shapes! 
  • What will you build with your ice blocks? 


  • Before the meeting, have someone cut the tops off old juice boxes or small milk cartons. Fill each container with water (add food colouring for some extra fun) and allow them to freeze. 
  • Working in pairs or small teams, give everyone some ice blocks. With the help of an adult, carefully cut the box away from the ice. 
  • Use your ice blocks to build a structure or sculpture! What can you come up with? You can use snow in between the blocks to hold them together.  


  • What did you build with your blocks? Did it turn out how you imagined it would? 
  • What was the most challenging part of this activity? 
  • If you were to scale this activity up (make it bigger), what would you do?  


  • Frozen ice blocks

Keep it Simple

  • Do this activity using ice cubes rather than ice blocks! You can hold your ice cubes together using drops of water. What will you build?  

Take it Further

  • Many towns or cities have beautiful ice sculptures on display that you can visit. Find a local, professional ice sculptor to learn more about how these beautiful pieces are made. What tools are needed?