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Less is More

Next time you’re planning a camp or event, take a look at the products you’re buying. Are there certain products that are less environmentally friendly than others? Consider which products have come from furthest away, require the most processing or have the most packaging.

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  • What items do you need to buy for your camp?
  • What items might already be sustainable? Which items could be improved?
  • What are some ways you can buy more environmentally friendly or shop in a more sustainable way?
  • What are some ways you can reduce the amount of plastic you bring home (e.g. plastic bags, produce bags, individually packaged items?)


  • Make a list of all of the items you need for your camp.
  • What items can be bought locally or can be replaced with local options? Remember, just because an item is made locally does not mean it’s entirely local – chocolate that is made in Canada still needs to be grown abroad.
  • Which items come in a lot of packaging? Are there any ways to buy them with less packaging (e.g. rather than buying individual packs of ketchup or mustard, can you buy a big bottle of each?).
  • To reduce packaging, consider buying in bulk at a store that allows you to bring your own containers. As a bonus, you can also buy the exact amount you need, which will help reduce food waste!
  • What are some other ways you can reduce your waste? Think about bringing your own bags or containers where possible.
  • Another way to be a bit more green at camp is to cook with whole foods, rather than getting processed, pre-packaged foods. Learn how to make your own pasta sauce or granola bars rather than buying pre-made ones!


  • Were you able to make your camp more sustainable?
  • Other than adjusting how you shop, what are some other ways to make camp a bit more green?
  • How can you apply this to shopping in your everyday life?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map to the Review section.

Keep it Simple

  • One simple way to make your shopping more sustainable is to switch from plastic bags to reusable ones. Make your own bag for life and take it with you next time you’re shopping!

Take it Further