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Power-Free Chef

Try your hand at making lunch, without using electricity! Come up with a healthy meal that does not need to be cooked. You might not be able to completely avoid electricity usage but do your best to reduce electricity usage as much as possible.

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  • How is electricity used in the kitchen?
  • Is electricity often used when not necessary? Which kitchen electrical devices could be replaced with non-electrical items?
  • Before electricity was common, how was food cooked or kept cold?


  • Come up with a meal that does not require any electricity (or as little electricity as possible)
  • Cook this meal for your Section or family


  • How did your meal turn out? Was it more difficult without the use of electricity?
  • During what stages of cooking was it easy to reduce electricity usage?
  • During what stages of cooking was it difficult to reduce electricity usage?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • While at an outdoor camp, you might be better prepared to cook a meal without electricity.  Try cooking a meal on a fire to avoid using electricity or man-made fuel.

Take it Further

  • Are you and your family prepared for an emergency situation?  What is your family’s plan for meals if there is along power outage for a couple of days?  Come up with an emergency plan for this situation if you don’t already have one.