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Section Business Card

What is the main purpose of a business card? Everyone will have the opportunity to create their own business cards highlighting their personal strengths and achievements!

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  • Does everyone know what a business card is? 
  • Do I have the appropriate material ready? 
  • Will everyone be prepared to consider the things they are good at, or their accomplishments? 


There are two ways to approach this activity:  

  • Each person can create their own business card.  
  • First brainstorm all the things you are good at, awards you have been given, things you have achieved, volunteering you have done or jobs you may have had. Do not forget to add Scouts to your list!  
  • Then, either on a computer or by hand create a small business card that highlights these things! What images will you add? What colours will you choose?  


  • Alternatively, you could create a “Section" business card that demonstrates all the awesome aspects of your Section and everyone in it. 
  • As a Section, learn a bit more about how businesses/people look to get others involved or interested to keep their businesses flourishing!  


  • Was it hard to think of your achievements? 
  • Who would you share your business card with? 
  • What do you think it is like to own a business?  
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map



Writing Utensils 

Sample business cards 

Computer (optional) 

Keep it Simple

Start by drawing different things you are good at or your accomplishments. Share with the group and make copies for family/friends to see what they are proud of.  

For Virtual- This activity is very adaptable to an online setting. Simply explain the activity as if in person, show examples and have each person brainstorm and create their own from home. This gives each person more opportunity to create their card virtually if they choose.  

Take it Further

Take it further by possibly turning the business card into a thank you card for fundraising such as Scout Popcorn, Coffee, etc. Share with people where their money goes and thank them for their contributions.