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Can you avoid having your tail swiped? Chase and be chased in this active running game that’s similar to tag but with a twist, or should we say... tail?

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  • How many people do you need to play this game?
  • What kind of boundaries will you set?
  • What materials do you need for this activity?


  • Give everyone a “tail.” It could be a Necker, sock, piece of string, etc. They will then tuck it into their waistband of their pants.
  • Create boundaries for your playing space.
  • Everybody is “it” and the objective is to try to pull the tails off of the other players.
  • If someone pulls your tail off, then you are out.
  • The last player with their tail wins.
  • You can adapt it so there are only a few players “it”, or have it as a countdown where the person with the most tails at the end wins.


  • How did your boundaries affect the results of this game?
  • What would you change next time?
  • What did you find that worked or didn’t work for you to be successful?


  • “Tails” – neckers, string, flags, socks, etc. enough for 1 per person

Keep it Simple

  • To get the hang of this game, try Slow-Motion Tag first. Only take steps when your Scouter counts, and learn how to pull “tails” gently.  

Take it Further

  • When you get someone’s tail, tuck it in to your waistband. Keep playing until one player has all the tails!