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The Price is Right?

What is a fair price to pay for an item? How much did each person get paid along the way? Let’s explore the price and discuss if the price is right.

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  • What do you think it costs to make a pair of jeans? A t-shirt? 
  • How many people are required to make the items we wear? 
  • Do you think everyone gets paid fairly? 


  • Show everyone a pair of jeans. Tell them that they cost $24 to buy. Lots of people were involved in making these jeans.  
  • As a group, brainstorm who is involved in the production. (I.e. cotton grower, person who weaves fabric, etc.)  
  • You now have 10 minutes to prepare a ‘pitch’ to make your case for how much of the $24 you think should be paid to each person and why. 
  • Check the review section of this activity to see how much each person really gets. 


  • What are your opinions/impressions? 
  • Does this make you rethink your purchases? 
  • Is this fair? 
  • Who has the most power in the supply chain? 

How the $24 is actually divided: Cotton grower – 60 cents, Cotton buyer – $1, Weaver – $2, Factory owner – $8.40, Shop owner – $12 


Pair of Jeans 


Writing Utensils 

Keep it Simple

  • Check out Sustainable Development Goal #1: No Poverty. There is a great activity that links to where our clothes are made and why some companies choose to outsource the manufacturing
  • For virtual: Simply conduct the conversations and questions on the virtual setting. Utilize breakout rooms to have the option to work in smaller groups during the activity.  

Take it Further

Take it further by examining the clothing you are currently wearing. How much did it cost? Make a list breaking down who was involved in making that item and guess how much person was paid. Take it even further and conduct some simple research. Can you find where it was made? Maybe discover what materials it is made of? Where do these normally come from?