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Waxing Leaves

Canadians are fortunate to enjoy the changing of the seasons. Fall is a special time of year—the changing colours of tree leaves is always an enchanting sight. By pressing leaves and then ironing them between sheets of waxed paper, you can effectively wax and preserve leaves.

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  • Where will you gather your leaves? How many do you need for your project?
  • What materials do you need for this adventure?
  • What will you do with your waxed leaves?


  • Gather fallen leaves from the ground. You should not take any leaves off of trees - only ones that have fallen to the ground. 
  • Press leaves between pieces of wax paper and iron on low heat.
  • Use your waxed leaves for an art project so that you can enjoy the beautiful fall colours at any time of year!


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • How did you feel before, during and after this adventure?
  • What did you most enjoy about this adventure?
  • What did you create with your waxed leaves?
  • How did this experience change how you feel about fall?

Keep it Simple

  • Try making a Leave No Trace nature collage! Gather leaves, sticks, stones or anything else you can find on the ground. Use these materials to make a beautiful collage! Take a photo of your collage and then sweep it away, leaving no trace of your artwork.

Take it Further

  • Create a project with your waxed leaves! Add them to a scrapbook or nature journal or create a collage with them.