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What Do I Do?

Have you ever wondered about the different types of jobs in the world? In this adventure, you will explore various jobs in a fun and collaborative way!

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  • What kinds of jobs do we know about? 
  • Are jobs the same all over the world? 
  • What types of jobs are we interested in? 


  • To prepare, write an assortment of different careers on index cards.  
  • When everyone arrives, line them up and tape one index card to each persons’ forehead without letting them see the job listed.  
  • Once everyone has a cardstart to mingle.  
  • Everyone should walk around the room and talk with their friends and ask yes-or-no questions that might help them figure out the careers on their cards. 
  • When you think you know the career you have on your card, you can guess! If you're correct, take off your card and keep answering other people's questions until everyone knows their career. If you're incorrect, keep asking questions. 


  • Do we know what all these jobs are? 
  • How do these jobs play a role in society? 
  • Are all these jobs popular in Canada?  
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Paper/Index Cards 
  • Writing Utensils 
  • Job Ideas  

Keep it Simple

  • Keep it simple by using familiar jobs, for younger ages keep the jobs more typical occupations that they would have some understanding of. Instead of only allowing for yes-or-no type questions, also allow younger ages to perform actions to aid in the guessing. You could incorporate pictures of different occupations while playing.  
  • For virtual: Either send an email ahead of time to the youth/their parent (and CC another Scouter on it), or by sending a list of jobs to the group and asking them to pick one from the list for the activity. Then, play the game in reverse, where the person knows what their job is, and everyone else will ask the yes-or-no type questions to figure out what job they have.  

Take it Further

  • Take it further by using more complex or unfamiliar jobs. Allow for time after to discuss what these jobs are and what their role is. Continue the conversation about how different jobs play roles in society.