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Who You Are

It is time for us to think about who we are as individuals. What do other people see, and what can other people not see? Let's see what really makes each of us… us.

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  • What are some things people can see about you? This could be the colour of your hair, the colour of your eyes, your height, anything visible! 
  • What are some things that people cannot see about you? This could be something like your favourite class, or favourite Scouting activity!  
  • What things have changed over time? Has your height changed? Has your favourite game or class changed? 
  • What things are your favourite parts about yourself? Out of what you have recorded, what is the favourite part about yourself? 


  • Start by creating two blank gingerbead people.  
  • On one of them, draw and design one with how others see you from the outside, like your blonde hair, blue eyes, and colourful clothing. Try and make it look as closely to you as possible!  
  • On the other, try decorating with what others might not be able to actually see! What's your personality like, what things you like or don't like, the things that are on the inside. 


  • What are some similarities between your gingerbread person and the other gingerbread people? 
  • Was it easy or hard to include things that people don't know about you? 
  • How did this activity make you feel? 
  • Is there anything that surprised you about other people's gingerbread people? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


  • Gingerbread Figures traced onto paper (you can find some online or make your own) 
  • Markers or pencils 

Keep it Simple

  • Just focus on the physical characteristics and the traits that people know about you!

Take it Further

  • Go deeper by identifying visible traits that everyone knows about and can see, non-visible traits (interests and skills) that people may know by hanging out with you for a day, but then also identify (in a 3rd gingerbread person) the traits only you know about yourself (being honest, responsible).