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Winter First Aid

Alright adventurers, it’s time to think about winter safety and what you should consider in terms of first aid when going on winter adventures.

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  • What supplies do you need for this activity?
  • What do you want to learn more about for winter safety? First aid? Ice safety?
  • What are some dangers that can happen in the winter that are less common in the summer?
  • What are some dangers that we might forget about in winter?


  • If you already have a first aid kit, how can you prepare it for winter? You might want to add or remove items – if you remove anything, don’t forget to add it back when the weather gets warm!
    • Consider adding things like hand warmers, an emergency blanket or even sunscreen. Many people forget that sunburns (and windburns!) can still happen in winter.
    • Consider removing summer items, like tick keys.
    • This is also a good time to check for things like expired items or items that may otherwise be too old to use.
  • Practice some winter first aid with your team – what are some things that will occur more commonly in winter? How does first aid change with winter clothing?
    • Your fellow Scout has frostbite on their cheeks – what should you do?
    • A Scout has fallen, and they think their arm is broken. The parking lot is a 5km hike away. How do you put on a sling over a winter coat?
    • Slips and falls are common in winter! What are some first aid scenarios that can centre around slips and falls?
    • Someone has fallen through the ice! You get them out but now they’re wet and cold! What steps should you take?
  • This is also a great time to learn a bit about ice safety. Don’t break the ice!


  • Based on what you learned today, what will you do differently for future adventures?
  • Is there anything else you should consider when planning a winter adventure?

Keep it Simple

  • Take a chance to go through your Section or Group first aid kit – check for expired items or items that should be added. Do you know how to use all the items in the kit? If not, learn more about the items you are unfamiliar with!

Take it Further

  • Take a first aid training course – learn Standard First Aid or Wilderness First aid as you prepare for your next adventure!