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YLT-Budget Balancing

Work with your section or patrol to plan the budget of an upcoming camp or activity.

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  • If you made a personal budget for yourself, what would be some typical expenses you have? 
  • If you made a personal budget for yourself, where would your income be coming from? 
  • Picture a typical camp.  What are some of the things that are paid for? 


  • Work with your section to predict the expenses of an upcoming camp – be sure to be specific so you can research exactly what you expect the cost to be.  Typical expense categories could include accommodations, food, activities, travel and section gear.  Calculate the total expected cost for this event. 
  • Now that you’ve planned your expected expenses, how will you pay for it?  Estimate the attendance at your event, and split up the total costs.  You’ll need to ensure you have enough income to cover these costs. 
  • Work with your section to predict where your income may be coming from.  This depends on the kind of event, but could include user fees, fundraising income, donations, transfers from your Group. 
  • Keep reviewing your budget until you have Expected Income higher than your Expected Expenses.  Then you’ve balanced the Budget 


  • You’ve now created a budget!  But you’ve based it on your expected expenses.  What if something else comes up that needs to be paid for?  Go back and review your budget to include a bit of financial wiggle room (Expected income higher than your expected expenses) 
  • After holding your camp, again reflect upon your budget.  Did you budget all items appropriately?  Were there other expenses you hadn’t thought of?  Did you go over budget on some items? 

Keep it Simple

If you choose to budget for only one meeting night, the expenses and incomes will be much simpler 

Take it Further

Plan the budget for your next International Adventure.  Make sure to work in a little extra wiggle room into your budget