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YLT-Build a Fort

With your Lodge, build a secret superhero meeting place! Take a break after a couple of minutes of building. Work together to come up with some rules to make things go a little smoother. With some help, write down your rules and post them near your fort so that you can remember to follow them!

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  • What stuff will you build with?  
  • What is your fort going to look like?  
  • How will you make your fort special? 


Split up into teams and build your forts! 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How did having rules help?  
  • How did everyone take part?  
  • Who took on a leadership role on this adventure?  
  • What rules does your Beaver Colony have?  
  • What rules do you think your Beaver Colony should have that it does not already have?  
  • Who should make the rules for your Colony?  
  • How can everyone be encouraged to follow your Colony’s rules? 

Keep it Simple

When writing the rules for your fort, use your Colony’s Code of Conduct as a base. Then, add rules to the Code of Conduct that are specific to your fort. 

Take it Further

Create your own traditions for your fort. Maybe everyone wears their hat backwards in the fort, or you sing everything that you say!