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YLT-Choose Your Own Adventure

How do you plan an adventure? Move through the steps of planning an adventure, from brainstorming to budgeting to going out and having fun! Work in a Patrol or another small team and try your hand at planning your own adventure.

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  • What adventures would your Patrol like to go on? 
  • How will you choose which adventure to plan? 
  • How will you make sure that everyone participates in planning? 
  • What materials will you need for planning? 
  • What questions will you need to answer while planning your adventure? 
  • Can anyone help you with making a budget? 
  • How will you turn your adventure from a plan into a reality? 


  • As a team, brainstorm different potential adventures. You could have one person write ideas on a flip chart as everyone shares ideas aloud, you could have different papers around the room for each Program Area and have people add their own adventures, or you could have everyone write down their own adventure ideas and share them in a group. 
  • Select an adventure that you would like to do – make sure to choose one you will actually be able to do! 
  • Start working through the planning phase – what will you need for this adventure? Who can help you? When will you have this adventure? 
  • Create a budget for your adventure – how much will the adventure cost? How much will you charge participants for your adventure? Don’t forget to include the cost of things like fuel! 
  • Work with a facilitator or Scouter to go through your plan – is there anything you’re missing? Don’t forget about paperwork. 
  • Put your plan into action and have fun on your adventure! 


  • How did you come up with ideas? Did this system work well? 
  • How did you make everyone feel comfortable when sharing their ideas? 
  • How did you come to agreements when making decisions?  
  • How did you stay organized while planning your adventure? 
  • How did you make sure that you remembered everything when planning your budget? 
  • If you had your adventure already, how did it go? Is there something you would change for next time? 
  • What is the main thing that you learned about planning adventures? 

Keep it Simple

Don’t go overboard with your planning! Remember, an adventure can take place in your meeting space. Why not plan a theme night or special activity for your Section! 

Take it Further

Think big and plan something you’ve never planned before. Already planned a regular meeting? Plan an outing. Already planned an outing? Plan a weekend camp. If you’re already an experienced planner, you could plan a week-long camp, large scale camp for multiple Sections or Groups or even an international adventure!