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YLT-Circle of Appreciation

Take turns going around in a circle to share an appreciative comment for each other person in the group. What have they done well? What do you appreciate about them? This is a great way to review an activity that you have done together.

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  • What activity will you review? 
  • Will you do this in a big group or in small teams? 
  • What kinds of compliments can you give people? What might make them feel good? 


  • In small teams or as a group, sit in a circle. 
  • Go around the circle and have each person share an appreciative comment or compliment for each other person in the circle. It could be a thank you for something they did, a compliment related to something they are good at, or even something general.  


  • How did it feel to be complimented? 
  • What did you learn about giving and receiving positive feedback? 
  • Can you incorporate this kind of exercise into future reviews? 

Keep it Simple

Try doing this in smaller groups so that you are not giving compliments to quite as many people 

Take it Further

Take this a step further and make warm fuzzies!