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YLT-Community Project

Over three thirty-minute periods, work on your personal leadership project. Learning Outcomes: I can plan and run a project that helps my community. I can work with a team to plan and run the project. I know how to use project management tools to plan my project.

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  • How do you plan a project? 
  • What is the role of a project manager?  
  • What steps do you need to take to plan your project?  
  • How will you form a team to complete your project? 


Work in small groups to develop projects to complete in your community. Work through a project layout that will include questions about who is on your team; think about how to make an effective team. Your team may need to recruit more people to make the project possible. It is not intended for the project to be completed within the time frame of the course. To complete the course, you must complete the project and report back to your Crew. 

You will learn about the project management process outlined by the Project Management Institute to help you with the project. If you would prefer to use another project management outline (such as Excel or an app), that is fine.  

Here is a breakdown of what you might complete during each of the 30-minute time slots; however, each project will be unique. Your team should use the time you have in a way that works best for you. 


Time Slot 1:  

  • Form a team.  
  • Choose a project.  
  • Choose a manager.  
  • Make a project charter.  

Time Slot 2:  

  • Make the project scope. 
  • Work through allocation of human resources.  
  • Begin the budget.  

Time Slot 3:  

Continue with the budget.  

Complete the team status report 


  • On your own, complete the review in your participant guidebook. 
  • Complete project status report by the end of the weekend, and when are a quarter, half and three-quarters of the way through the project 

Keep it Simple

Rather than planning a project for your community, plan a project for your Group. Plan an event, camp or anything else you can imagine! 

Take it Further

Go international! Work with another National Scout Organization and plan a community project in another country. It could be something educational, a building project, or an environmental project. Go on a trip to complete your project.