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YLT-Conflict Situations

How do you solve a conflict? Take a real-world example of a conflict that you have encountered and determine how you could solve it. As a group, talk about different solutions to the conflict – everyone will have different takes, so this is a great way to learn some different conflict resolution techniques.

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  • What are some inaccuracies that can occur in communicating and how can you account for it when communicating or facing conflict?  
  • How would you apply past experiences and personal logic to address a problem?  
  • When should you turn to outside consultation in a conflict situation?  
  • How do you or people you know effectively resolve a conflict?  
  • What could be effective mediation techniques? 


  • In pairs, select a conflict to talk about. This could be a conflict that you have encountered in the past, or a major conflict seen in the world. 
  • Talk about how you would resolve the conflict – why have you chosen this method? 
  • Return to the group and present your conflict. You can present it as a skit, a drawing, or anything else you can think of!   
  • Tell the group the solution that you and your partner discussed, then open the floor to others – what would they suggest as a solution? 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How would you feel if you were one of the people involved in the situation?  
  • If you were one of the people part of the conflict, how do you think that your emotions would affect your ability to come up with a way to solve the situation? 

Keep it Simple

Focus on real life conflicts that you encounter frequently in Scouting, work or school. How can you solve them? How can you prevent these conflicts in the future? 

Take it Further

Focus on large-scale conflicts in your community or around the world. Obviously, you will not be able to solve them here and now, but what are some ideas that you have about how they can be solved?