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YLT-Field Search

Try to find something across a field with a team of three people, but each can only communicate in a certain way: Person 1 can use non-verbal communication and is facing the playing field. Person 2 can speak but not see what is going on (facing person 1). Person 3 is the object finder and is walking BUT is blindfolded (cannot see).

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  • How will you decide who will be which person of the three?  
  • Will you rotate who does which?  
  • What will be the objective in your course?  
  • Should you get someone else to place the object/ objective so that it will be more challenging? 


  • Form groups of three. 
  • The groups should arrange themselves with Person 1 facing towards the playing field, Person 2 standing facing Person 1, and Person 3 standing blindfolded near the rest of their team. 
  • Have one person who is not on a team (a facilitator or observer) hide one object per group of three – they should make it clear which object belongs to which group. 
  • When the objects have been hidden, Person 3 can start their search. They will be given directions from Person 2, who can speak but cannot see the playing field. Person 1 will direct Person 2, but only non-verbally. 
  • The first team to find their object wins! Be safe, and good luck.  


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What was the hardest part?  
  • In what ways was this challenge easier and harder than you expected?  
  • What would you do differently next time? 

Keep it Simple

Try finding an object using non-verbal communication as you play The Humming Game!

Take it Further

Practice describing what you see to someone in detail with a paper plate relay!