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YLT-Finding Your Path

There’s no easy way to find your path in life – whether that’s literal or metaphorical! Use trial and error (and teamwork) to find the right path through this activity.

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  • What supplies will you need for this activity? 
  • Will you do this activity as one big group, or in smaller teams? 
  • Who will run the activity and decide the path? 


  • Create an 8x8 grid on the ground using sheets of paper. The activity leader should draw this grid on a piece of paper and trace a path through it on the paper. 
  • The path they’ve traced is the only “correct” path. The rest is dangerous, crocodile-infested waters. Participants must step on the correct papers (walking forwards, backwards, left, right or diagonally in any direction) without stepping off the path. 
  • One person should start. If they step on the correct paper, they can continue. If they step on an incorrect paper and into the crocodile water, they must go back to the beginning and let another person try. 
  • Work together and use trial and error to find the safe path, then make sure your whole team gets through the course safely! 


  • Was your team able to find the correct path? 
  • What techniques did you use to find the correct path? 
  • If you were to do this activity again, what would you do differently? 


64 pieces of paper that can be stepped on (old paper destined to be recycled works well for this). 

Keep it Simple

Rather than having everyone go through the path, you just need one person to make it. You should still take turns when finding the path!  

Take it Further

Include all the tiles in the pattern – but they have to be stepped on in a certain order.