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YLT-Flip and Map Leadership Styles

What kind of leader do you prefer? One who tells your team what to do? One who asks what each person would like to do before assigning tasks? A totally different style? As a team, try doing different tasks while using different styles of leadership. Is there one that you liked best?

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  • What different leadership styles will you try? 
  • What different tasks will you do? 
  • Will you have the same leader every time, or will you switch? How will you decide who the leader will be? 


  • Select a leader for your team. That leader will then pick a leadership style and a task at random (pulling these out of hats is an easy way to do it). 
  • The leader will then read the leadership style and the task aloud to the group. 
  • Complete the task as a group using that leadership style. 
  • Did the leadership style work well for the task or is there one that would have been better? 
  • Once you have completed the task, try doing a different task using a different leadership style.  


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What is your favourite leadership style? Why? 
  • Did certain leadership styles work better for certain tasks? 
  • Can you think of a scenario in which each leadership style would work best? 

Keep it Simple

Start by familiarizing yourself with the different leadership styles. Create a set of cards with the different leadership styles written on them and a set with the definitions written on them. In your team, try to match the name to the definition, and then come up with a situation where you see that leadership style (e.g. “my teacher is an autocratic leader because he never lets us pick our gym games”). 

Take it Further

Try matching different leadership styles to different tasks. Rather than picking at random, find a task that you think would work well with each leadership style. Then, test your theory! Did the leadership style fit the task as well as you thought it would?