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YLT-Group Skit

Make a skit where the characters are each of you, then swap personalities so everyone acts out another person.

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  • Who will play whom?  
  • What will the story be?  
  • Since there’s so much that makes somebody the person they are, which personality traits will you focus on? 


Perform the skit. Have fun. Happy acting!   


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How well do you think you did acting as the person?  
  • What did you notice about the person playing you? How accurate were they?  
  • When you think about what somebody else would do, or how they’d deal with a situation, does that help you understand them better?  
  • How were you able to recognize who was being portrayed in the skit? What traits and behaviours tended to stand out? 

Keep it Simple

Instead of making a full skit, try playing a “who am I?” style of game. Pick a person, whether in your Section or a public figure/celebrity and test your acting skills. Can your fellow Section members figure out who you are? To make it easier, add the ability to add “yes” or “no” questions! 

Take it Further

If you don’t want to write your own skit, or you just want a different challenge, try to coordinate a skit you already know – but do it while blindfolded! How will you make sure that everyone is safe while blindfolded?