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YLT-Heroes and Villains Tag

Are you a hero or a villain? In this game, you will work with a team of other players, either as “heroes” or “villains.” The goal is for your team to tag all the members of the other team and have them join your side. How will your team work together to tag all the others?

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  • Where will you play this game?  
  • How much time will you allow for this game?  
  • What do you need for this game?  
  • How will you make up fair teams to start the game? 


  • Split up into two equal teams. There should be the same number of people on each team. One team will be the Heroes, and the other will be the Villains. (You might want to flip a coin to decide which team is which!)  
  • The people on the Heroes team should wear their neckers. The people on the Villains team will need their neckers too, but they should hold them in their hands or keep them in their pockets. 
  •  Both sides are “it” in this game of tag. To tag someone on the other team, two people from your team must tag that person at the same time.  
  • When a player is tagged by two people from the other team at the same time, he or she “flips” and becomes a member of the other team. If the tagged player was a Hero, he or she becomes a Villain and takes off his or her necker.  
  • Play until every player is on the same team. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What happened during the game?  
  • Was there any conflict about who tagged whom? How did you sort it out?  
  • How did you use teamwork in the game?  
  • What peacemaking skills did you use during the game? How can you use the same skills in other conflicts? 

Keep it Simple

Before playing this game, take some time to meet as a team and create a plan. What are you going to do to tag the other team before they tag you? 

Take it Further

This activity has a lot in common with capture the flag! Learn the rules of capture the flag and then put your teamwork skills to the test in a game!