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YLT-Make a Comic

Draw three panels of a superhero comic strip. Draw speech bubbles but leave them blank. When you are done, pass your comic strip to a friend to write what your heroes and villains are saying.

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  • What things will you need for this adventure?  
  • Who will be your partner? How will you decide? Will you trade drawings, or pass them in a circle?  
  • How much time will you take for this adventure? 
  • How will you share the comic strips you create? 


  • Draw a fun comic strip!  
  • Help a friend to finish his or hers with speech for the characters! 
  • If you are not able to write, feel free to tell the story out loud and speak for the characters, rather than writing in the speech bubbles.  


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What was your favourite part of this adventure?  
  • How did you feel about the comic strip you made with a friend?  
  • How close were the words to what you wanted when you drew your comic strip?  
  • Why were the words close to what you wanted, or why were they very different from what you wanted? 

Keep it Simple

Instead of writing words in the speech bubbles, tell the story out loud. You can share your thoughts by telling the story out loud to your fellow Beavers, rather than writing it down and reading it aloud. You could even draw pictures in the speech bubbles! 

Take it Further

  • This game is similar to ‘broken telephone’ but uses drawings. It works best in small teams, with a maximum of six people per team.  
  • Make a booklet out of paper per person. You can staple it together, or just fold it, as long as the pages turn easily! 
  • Sit in a circle and give each person a booklet 
  • Start by writing down a prompt on the front page of your booklet – you could make it up, or you could all draft some together and each pick a prompt out of a hat. 
  • Flip to the second page of your booklet (don’t use the back of the last page, use a fresh page), and draw your best interpretation of the prompt. 
  • Keeping the booklet open to your drawing, pass your booklet to the next person. 
  • The next person looks at the drawing and tries to guess what it is. When they have a guess in mind, they should turn the page and write down what they think the prompt is. Once again, use a fresh page, rather than the back of the last page. 
  • With the book open to the guessed prompt, pass the booklet to the next person in the circle. They should draw their best interpretation of the guessed prompt. 
  • Keep going until the booklet has reached everyone and everyone has had the chance to draw OR write down what they think the drawing is of. 
  • When the booklets return to the person who started with them, each person should flip back to the cover page where the prompt was originally written and share the prompt aloud. 
  • They can then flip through the booklet and share the different drawings and guesses. Did any drawings stay the same? Were any prompts guessed correctly? 
  • While it’s ok to laugh when things get silly, make sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings!