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YLT-Photo Scavenger Hunt

Work as a team to take as many photos as you can within the time limit. You’ll need to get creative to meet all the requirements!

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  • How will you divide yourselves into teams for this activity? 
  • How will you set boundaries for this activity? How far will you be allowed to go? 
  • How can you do this activity in a way that is safe? 
  • What will you use to take the photos? 
  • How will you stay in contact with your Scouters during this activity? 
  • What will you use to keep track of time? 


  • Brainstorm a list of different photos each team will need to take. Make sure all of your ideas are safe, but feel free to make them challenging! Here are some ideas: 
  • Your whole team posing in front of a local attraction or landmark. 
  • Your whole team on a park bench or play structure. 
  • A beautiful garden. 
  • Your team doing a silly dance. 
  • Posing with a statue. 
  • A white door. 
  • A cool coloured car 
  • An example of transportation other than a car. 
  • Something that doesn’t belong. 
  • You can come up with as many ideas as you want. Give each team a copy of the photo prompts. 
  • Each team should set a one-hour timer and head off to take their photos. Remember to stay within the boundaries you have set together (e.g. certain streets, within sight of your meeting place, between landmarks, etc.).  
  • Remember that you will need time to return to your meeting place, so do not wait for your timer to go off to start heading back. 
  • If your team is not bringing Scouters with them, your Scouters should make their way around your designated area in case a team needs help. Each team should also have a way to contact Scouters in case you need help or have questions (a walkie talkie or cellphone works well). 
  • Once every team has returned, turn your photos into your judge (a Scouter or senior youth). Which team answered the most prompts? 
  • Then, use a computer and a projector to share everyone’s photos! 


  • How did your team work together to take photos? 
  • What strategies did you use when taking your photos? 
  • What was something challenging about this activity? 
  • What was your favourite photo that you took? 

Keep it Simple

Set a shorter time limit and plan for photos that can be taken within a short distance of your meeting area. That way, no group is leaving the immediate area.

Take it Further

Incorporate this into a longer urban hike. Set a route, make a communications plan and send groups off – meet up for lunch, but otherwise navigate mostly in your small teams!