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YLT-Plan a Leadership Course

As a team, plan and run a Youth Leadership Training workshop for a younger Section. Learning Outcomes: Gain awareness of various project management concepts regarding time management, planning meetings, organizing activities, and dealing with budgets Engage in collaborative learning experiences Practise working with funds and a budget Work with stakeholders when planning and running a project

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  • How will you make sure everyone is involved in planning the course?  
  • What is the role of a project manager?  
  • What steps do you need to take to plan the course?  
  • How will you ensure that the job is shared among everyone and one person isn’t doing all the work? 


  • Have everyone in the group pick an aspect of teamwork, and develop a module to teach a younger age group that concept. Use existing YLT activities for that section, or create your own.  
  • Work together to put on the workshop. The workshop can be as long or short as you want (from two hours at a local Scout Troop on a weeknight, all the way to a weekend event—whatever you choose), and can be for youth in or out of Scouting.  
  • Run with it and have fun! You can learn more when you have to facilitate a topic, so use this opportunity to really level up your abilities and understanding of group dynamics and teamwork. 


  • Remember to challenge yourselves to exemplify good teamwork - whatever that means to you—while organizing and running the course. 
  • Have fun! 
  • Consult your participant guidebook and independently review your leadership course 

Keep it Simple

Rather than teaching a whole course, plan to lead a single session. This could even be done at a Section’s weekly meeting! 

Take it Further

Help shape the future of YLT! Create your own activity related to youth leadership. How creative will you be?