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YLT-Rock, Paper, Conflict!

Do you know how to deal with another person when the two of you can’t agree on something? Often, this situation leads to yelling, or even fighting! Of course, there are better ways of handling disagreements. This game will help you to learn and remember the five steps to solving a conflict.

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  • Who will lead this game? How will you choose? What ways other than drawing straws might work to choose a leader? 
  • If you don’t want to pick a leader, you can write the steps down on a large piece of paper for everyone to see! 
  • What ways can you show what stage everyone is at in the game, other than repeating a certain phrase?  
  • Where will you play this game?  
  • How long will you play?  
  • Who can remind the group how to play paper-rock-scissors? Will you “shoot” on the count of three, or after the count of three? 


  • First, draw straws to choose a leader for the game. This Cub will hold onto the list of the five steps of conflict resolution. If everyone wants to play, you can write down the steps somewhere that everyone can see them. 
  • As a group, walk around repeating the word “conflict” over and over again.  
  • When you come to another person who is also saying “conflict”, play a game of rock-paper-scissors.  
  • The first person in your pair to win two out of three games can then see the leader of the game to find out what phrase to repeat next while walking around (“calm down”).  
  • Again, when you come to another person repeating the same phrase as you, play a game of rock-paper-scissors.  
  • When you win two out of three games, see the leader for the next phrase. The first person to go through all five steps of solving a conflict wins! 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What was your favourite part of this game?  
  • What is conflict? How do you know when you’re in conflict with somebody?  
  • What are the five steps to solving a conflict?  
  • When have you experienced conflict?  
  • What do you think of using Rock-Paper-Scissors as a way to solve conflicts? 

Keep it Simple

Draw pictures of the five steps of conflict resolution. You could even hang these in your meeting place in case you need a reminder! 

Take it Further

Try a different game to learn the steps! Play The Bears and the Bees!