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YLT-Strengths and Weaknesses

Think about working in a group – where do you usually fit in? Do you lead? Take direction? Ask questions? Think about the role you normally play in a group, and try this activity to see how you fit in different roles!

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  • Create a list of team challenges (like building a bridge out of pasta).  
  • What materials do you need for these challenges?  
  • Will you choose a challenge at random, or deliberately choose a challenge?  
  • Will every Patrol try the same challenge? 


  • Introductory discussion: What do you think of when you think of group dynamics? Brainstorm some ideas to give everyone context for the module content.  
  • Split up into Patrols. Rate how good you think you’d be for each role on the sheet.  
  • Complete a task (like building a bridge out of pasta). On your first attempt, take on the role for which you are least suited (the role that you feel you might not do very well). On your second attempt, take on a role that plays more to your personal strengths. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • Which role did you prefer?  
  • What did you notice about the way the team worked together for each arrangement?  
  • How would you apply these lessons to, say, a Patrol adventure?

Keep it Simple

It can be hard to think of your own strengths. Work with a partner to create a list of each other’s strengths. What did they write down that surprised you? 

Take it Further

What strengths do you already have? Are there strengths that you want to work on? Make a plan to improve on some strengths you already have, or develop new ones!