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YLT-Superhero Mission Quest

Go on a mission to save the world! Follow a map and overcome challenges to save the day! Complete a series of tasks to get different items. When all the tasks are complete, you will have one final task: put all of your handprints on a magical plate. Take turns tackling each challenge based on your super powers!

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  • Can your team of superheroes complete the quest?  
  • How can you use each superhero’s individual strengths to complete the challenges? 
  • What powers do you have as a superhero? What powers do you have as a regular person? How can you use these powers to help you through your quest? 


  • Set up: see additional resources for detailed set up and instructions for each station! 
  • Task 1: Spider Web: The Evil Spider Lord has created a web to trap you! Find a way to get everyone through the web.  
  • Task 2: Hot Chocolate River: Count Chocula has flooded the area with hot chocolate. The hot chocolate river is too hot to swim across. Use marshmallows (gym mats) to get across the river. You can only stand on marshmallows to cross the river. Work as a team to get to the other side.  
  • Task 3: Climb the Mountain: Oh no! There is a mountain in the way! Climb to the top as a team.  
  • Task 4: Secret Code: You must crack the secret code to get through a magic door.  
  • Task 5: Save the Magic Toad: The toad is on a stone surrounded by quicksand. Without crossing the quicksand, you must save the magic toad using the materials provided (rope, elastic bands, cups).  
  • Task 6: Help the Small Island of Lake Big: Small Island has a drought. Its people can’t grow any plants. You must turn the island over because there is better soil underneath. You must all stand on the island and— without leaving—flip it over. (The island is a small tarp with little space to spare when everyone is standing on it.)  
  • Once all tasks are complete, you will come to the magic plate. Each member of your Lodge will dip his or her hand in paint and put a handprint on the plate. Once that is done, the world will be saved! 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What was hard about the activity?  
  • Who did something very well? What did they do?  
  • What would you do differently next time?  
  • How did someone help you do the task?  
  • What are you most proud of doing?  
  • What worked well? What didn’t work so well? 

Keep it Simple

You can keep this simple by only choosing one or two of these activities to do, rather than trying to do all six! 

Take it Further

Reinforce the steps of plan, do, review by having the youth go through the steps at each station. Before starting any challenge, it should be explained. Then, the youth should take the time to plan what they are going to do and how their powers will help them. After they do the activity, they should review how it went, the role each person played and if they would do anything differently if they did it again.