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YLT-Tarp Fold

Form a team and stand on a tarp without anyone standing on the ground. See how many times you can fold the tarp in half under yourselves.

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  • How will you fold the tarp?  
  • How many times do you think you can fold the tarp in half? 


Have fun! 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • How did you have to work as a team?  
  • How many times were you able to fold your tarp?  
  • What was the hardest part? 

Keep it Simple

Rather than trying to fold the tarp while standing on it, get off the tarp and fold it in half. Then, have everyone on the team get back on the tarp. How small of a tarp can you all stand on?

Take it Further

Once you’ve got the hang of folding the tarp, try flipping it over while everyone is standing on it!