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YLT-The Bears and the Bees

Play a game to learn and remember the five steps of conflict resolution. In teams of bears and bees, discover the five steps of conflict resolution and bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict of the bears and the bees!

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  • What materials and equipment do you need for this adventure?  
  • How long will it take to play?  
  • Where will you play?  
  • Will you have a referee? How will you decide who will fill this role? 


  • Begin by writing out the five steps of conflict resolution (see below) on two sets of flash cards. Set up your play area according to the diagram below. Put an object that represents honey in the “Treasure Room”.  
  • Divide your group into two equal teams: the Bears and the Bees. The Bears will choose one Scout to be “Mama” bear.  
  • The Bears and the Bees are in conflict: the bears love honey and they want to take it from the Bees! To win the game, a team must “discover” the five steps to peaceful conflict resolution. The team in possession of the honey after each round wins that round and gains a conflict-resolution card.  
  • On the playing field, a Bee can sting (touch) a Bear. If a Bear is stung, he or she is eliminated for the round. Bears cannot sting Bees, except for Mama Bear. She is special; she can never be stung by a Bee because of her thick coat, but she can swipe them out of the air (eliminate them from the round by touching them). Any Bears or Bees that run out of bounds are eliminated for the round. 
  • Bears are safe while in the Forest or in the Treasure Room. The Bees cannot enter these areas. The Bees are safe while in the Beehive; Mama Bear cannot go in.  
  • To win a round, the Bears have to grab the honey and make it back to their Safety Zone without being stung by a Bee. The Bees can win a round by saving their honey, either by stinging all of the Bears or by stinging the Bear who has taken the honey.  
  • Switch roles after each round and play until the Bears or the Bees have all of the steps needed to peacefully solve the conflict.  


Five Steps to Conflict Resolution:  

  1. Calm down. 
  2. Discuss the situation. 
  3. Explore possible solutions. 
  4. Agree to a solution.
  5. Put the solution into action.



  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What is conflict?  
  • How do you recognize a conflict?  
  • What are the five steps of conflict resolution?  
  • What is the most difficult part of the conflict resolution process?  
  • What do you think it would be like to use these steps to solve a conflict? 

Keep it Simple

Play a game of Rock, Paper, Conflict to learn the five steps of conflict resolution.


Take it Further

In small teams, create your own game to help people learn the five steps of conflict resolution. Then, run your game for the other teams!