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Bylaw: Schedule A — List of Councils

  1. Three (3) Councils in BC/Yukon as follows:

    • Cascadia

    • Fraser Valley

    • Pacific Coast

  2. two (2) Councils in Alberta/NWT as follows:

    • Chinook

    • Northern Lights

  3. the Saskatchewan Council

  4. the Manitoba Council

  5. eight (8) councils in Ontario/Nunavut as follows:

    • Voyageur 

    • White Pine

    • Greater Toronto 

    • Northern Ontario 

    • Shining Waters 

    • Central Escarpment 

    • Battlefields

    • Tri-Shores

  6. the Quebec Council

  7. the New Brunswick Council

  8. the Prince Edward Island Council

  9. the Nova Scotia Council

  10. the Newfoundland and Labrador Council

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