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Scouts Canada’s Standards — Consultation

Welcome to Scouts Canada’s new Standards – draft versions. These are not final versions of these new resources. Instead, Scouts Canada is using this new approach to introduce practices that will impact the way our members plan, do and review Scouting adventures. We are excited to engage youth and Scouters in the development of these important resources.

The Standards and documents posted on this site have been reviewed extensively by select Group Commissioners and Scouts Canada staff, but they have not yet been formally approved, and do not represent requirements for Scouting adventures.

Please use the form at the bottom of each posted draft Standard to share your thoughts before the indicated feedback deadline. We value your feedback, and we will use your constructive criticisms, questions and ideas to make these resources as clear and sensible as possible.

Many thanks to all the Scouters that have participated in Scouts Canada’s Standards consultation so far. We received more than 200 responses and individual emails – many with more than one item to be addressed. In light of this, we have made more than 110 changes to the Standards posted for review. These improvements will make our system more robust, more usable and appropriate for Scouters.

Together, we are making safe adventures possible for more Canadian Scouting youth.

Standards Under Review

Standards Under Review Feedback Deadline
How to Run a Safe Meeting During COVID-19 Feedback period closed.
Event Assessment & Approval Procedure Feedback period closed.
Event Standards Feedback period closed.
Adventure Standard Feedback period closed.