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Conflict of Interest Policy

Board of Governors Approved May 5, 2018



Explains how members and employees of Scouts Canada will avoid and manage conflicts of interest.


Our Commitment

We must conduct the affairs and business of Scouts Canada professionally, objectively, and without interference, or the perception of interference, arising from personal interests of individuals involved in making decisions for the organization.


Our Policy

  1. As members of Scouts Canada, we are expected to disclose all actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest[1] between our own self-interest and the best interests of Scouts Canada by giving notice as explained in the Conflict of Interest Procedure.
  2. When a conflict of interest is disclosed, the responsible Commissioner, Chair of the Committee, and/or Board Members shall follow the relevant Conflict of Interest Procedure to manage and report the matter, as appropriate.
  3. As members of Scouts Canada, we must not give or receive a gift or benefit of any kind where an actual, potential, or perceived obligation is created, or where a favour is expected.
  4. This ban on giving or receiving gifts or benefits of any kind also applies to our immediate family members.
  5. The giving or receiving of gifts or promotion items valued at less than $100, such as a lunch or dinner, is permissible within Scouts Canada’s generally accepted practices.

Related Policies & Standards


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Effective Date

March 2, 2019

[1] A potential conflict of interest exists when a member at any level of Scouts Canada (or a partner, business associate or close family member of any such Scouts Canada member):

a. Is a party to a material contract or a proposed material contract with Scouts Canada; or
b. is a director or officer of or has a material interest in any company or person who is a party to a material contract or proposed material contract with Scouts Canada; or
c. is directly involved in an issue under discussion, or associated with an issue under discussion in a substantive way, and stands to benefit or personally gain from the decision made; or
d. assists a third party in their dealings with Scouts Canada where such assistance could result in favourable or preferential treatment being accorded that third party by Scouts Canada.

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