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Discipline, Temporary Suspension and Termination of Membership Policy

Board of Governors Approved May 5, 2018



Sets out how violations of Scouts Canada’s Adult and Youth Scouter Code of Conduct are to be handled.


Our Commitment

We will act promptly, fairly, and firmly if the acts or omissions of any member violate the applicable Code of Conduct or put others at risk.


Our Policy

  1. As a member of Scouts Canada, you will be disciplined if your actions breach the applicable Scouts Canada Code of Conduct.
  2. You will be suspended if:
    1. You are the subject of an investigation of a:
      1. Criminal offence
      2. Child protection report
      3. Other statutory offence
    2. You fail to comply with government statutes or regulations, putting Scouts Canada, its members, employees, third-party contractors, and other parties it has contractual relationships with at risk of harm
    3. Your presence at Scouts Canada events is believed to pose a risk to others
    4. You commit a serious, or repeated, breach of the Scouts Canada Adult or Youth Scouter Code of Conduct
  3. Following a review of your actions, your membership will either be reinstated or terminated.
  4. Your Scouts Canada membership will be terminated if you are:
    1. Charged with, or convicted of, a criminal offence
    2. Determined to have repeatedly violated, or made a serious breach of, the applicable Scouts Canada Code of Conduct
    3. Breached Scouts Canada’s Youth Protection Policy
  5. If your membership is terminated, you may apply to have your membership termination reviewed.

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