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Drug and Alcohol Policy

Board of Governors Approved May 5, 2018



Ensure members can perform their youth safety and supervisory duties by remaining free of substances that impair their thinking or actions.


Our Commitment

We participate in Scouting activities free from substances that could impair our ability to:

  • Maintain a fun, safe Scouting environment
  • Act as role models for the youth in our care


Our Policy

  1. Since Scouts Canada members serve in responsible, safety-sensitive positions, we all have a clear obligation to care for and ensure the safety of everyone participating in our programs and activities.
  2. Therefore, when participating in youth programs or activities, you must not use, make available, or be affected by:
    1. Alcohol
    2. Illegal drugs or substances
    3. Any legal drugs or substances that impair your ability to supervise and maintain a fun, safe Scouting environment for all
  3. There shall be no illegal drug or substance consumed or made available during any Scout activity or on any Scout property, owned or leased.
  4. You must not consume alcohol when minors are present.
  5. Exceptions to the policy regarding alcohol use and consumption may be granted in accordance with the Alcohol Exception Procedure.
  6. This policy does not prohibit the possession and use of lawfully prescribed drugs used in accordance with a prescription, as long as this use does not impair your judgment, and/or affect your own security or the security of youth or other members.
  7. It is your responsibility to determine, with the assistance of your physician if necessary, whether a prescribed drug may impair your performance of youth safety and supervisory duties. You must inform Scouts Canada of any restrictions of your responsibilities that you should observe as a result of this determination.
  8. While at a Scouting event or activity, if other members have reason to believe that you are impaired or have consumed drugs or alcohol, Scouts Canada reserves the right to:
    1. Send you home
    2. Refuse to allow you to return to Scouting events or activities while you remain impaired
    3. Impose other measures it sees fit, considering the specific circumstances of each situation

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