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Human Resources Policy

Board of Governors Approved May 5, 2018



Defines the roles of volunteers and employees, their accountabilities, and how they will be supported.


Our Commitment

Our volunteers and employees work in partnership to achieve Scouts Canada’s mission.


Our Policy

  1. Scouts Canada’s volunteers are ultimately accountable to the National Key 3.
  2. Scouts Canada’s employees are ultimately accountable to the Executive Commissioner and CEO.
  3. We will ensure the safety of our volunteers and employees.
  4. Everyone will receive orientation and ongoing training that includes:
    1. Clearly defining responsibilities
    2. Explaining how they help achieve our mission
    3. Our policies and procedures
  5. Everyone will:
    1. Receive the level of support and supervision required for their role
    2. Have regular opportunities to give and receive feedback about their performance
    3. Be acknowledged for their contribution through formal and informal recognition processes and awards
  6. We will regularly assess the engagement and satisfaction levels of volunteers and employees, and respond to any concerns.

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