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Pandemic Program & Activity Modifications — STAGE 5


In this final transition stage, while still operating in a formally declared pandemic, Scouts Canada continues to maintain a position of safety leadership and social responsibility. In alignment with our Safety First Policy, Scouts Canada’s priority will be ensuring that activities are modified to ensure the safety of our members and to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

The Stage 5 pandemic Standards effectively lift all internal restrictions for all Scouting activities while deferring to all municipal and provincial public health restrictions.

A Pandemic Operational Plan is required by most provinces at times of declared pandemics. This Pandemic Program & Activity Modifications Standard and the associated supporting documents are designed to meet the expected needs of most provinces.

Our Standards

  1. The Standard applies to all departments, functions, Councils, Groups, Sections, staff, volunteers and those acting in support of Scouts Canada activities during a local, national or international pandemic.
    1. The National Key 3 will determine the scope and duration of activation of this Standard.
    2. Notice of implementation and effective date of this Standard shall be given by the CEO of Scouts Canada or a person designated by them to provide notice.
    3. Incremental or greater requirements specified by Federal, Provincial and / or Municipal health and safety restrictions supersede those outlined in this Standard.
  2. The objective is to ensure that appropriate program modifications are both communicated and implemented to reduce the risk of disease transmission among Scouting youth, Scouters, parents and others planning or attending Scouts Canada activities. Activities cannot violate a public health order.
  3. All Scouting members and parents are expected to do their part of reducing the spread of Covid-19 by screening themselves prior to attending in-person Scouting activities, and taking appropriate precautions during activities.
  4. If you’re showing signs/symptoms of Covid-19 or are a high-risk contact of someone with Covid-19, please do not participate in any in-person Scouting activities.

  5. Each Council and Group is responsible for ensuring, as much as practical and reasonable, that they are in compliance with Scouts Canada, Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government health and safety restrictions.
  6. The Two-Scouter rule must always be in effect and maintained.
  7. Scouter to Youth ratio must be maintained at all times when conducting in-person Scouting activities.
  8. Groups & Sections should provide a safe, healthy environment for youth to participate in Scouting, and as such should incorporate Covid-19 safety into their expectations and routines. All Scouting in-person activities must ensure programs and plans reduce the spread of illness by adhering to the requirements/ restrictions of any municipality or province that the activity/gathering is taking place within, including:
    1. Physical Distancing
    2. Vulnerable Populations
    3. Cleaning & Hygiene
    4. Screening
    5. Personal Protective Equipment
    6. Emergency Response & Risk Management
    7. Food Provisions
    8. Overnight Camping
  9. Activities will be approved by the Group Commissioner according to the Adventure Standard.

Review and Improve Cycle

  • This Standard shall be reviewed when a potential local, national or international pandemic is suspected.
  • Subsequent reviews shall be completed every three years, or more frequently as required by regulatory changes, BP&P or identified deficiencies.

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