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Prohibited Activities Standards


Challenging young people to go outside their comfort zone contributes to their social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional, and spiritual development. We are responsible for the safety of the young people who participate in our activities. Certain activities, because of their inherent risks, are not permitted for Scouting.

If you are in doubt, discuss the program activity with the Council Key 3.


Our Standards

The following activities are prohibited:

  1. On- and off-road motorized vehicle rallies and speed races
  2. Power-boat races or speed rallies
  3. Parachuting[1], parasailing, base jumping, hang gliding, and similar activities
  4. Flying ultralight and experimental aircraft and similar activities
  5. Bungee jumping
  6. Paintball or other activities where a projectile is aimed at a person
  7. Trampolining
  8. Towing an individual behind a vehicle[2]

[1] Indoor skydiving is permissible according to the Adventure Standards

[2]  See Transportation Standards for Exceptions

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Effective Date

June 2023


V2Updated to reflect towing an individual behind a vehicle.

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