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Property Policy

Board of Governors Approved May 5, 2018



Establishes rules for owning, renting, leasing, or selling real estate properties owned by Scouts Canada.


Our Commitment

Our camps, buildings, and other real estate properties deliver safe, sustainable, and profitable support for best-in-nation programming.


Our Policy

  1. While we believe that youth having access to the outdoors is integral to the Scout Method, we do not believe that owning or leasing real estate property[1] is integral to our mission.
  2. Any change of interest in Scouts Canada properties must have the prior written approval of the Board of Governors or its delegates.
  3. All real estate property must be held in the name of Scouts Canada or by a Property Company that is controlled by Scouts Canada.
  4. All real estate property must meet Scouts Canada’s Property Standards and comply with Scouts Canada’s real estate property procedures.
  5. We welcome innovative options to achieve profitability.
  6. We welcome innovative options to achieve social, economic, and environmental (“triple bottom line”) sustainability for Scouts Canada’s properties.

[1] For Scouts Canada, real estate property is defined as land and anything fixed, immovable, or permanently attached to the ground such as buildings, walls, fixtures, improvements, roads, trees, shrubs, fences, roads, sewers, structures and utility systems as well as air and subsurface rights.

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